A Druids Tale

In the hedgerow now take a close Look!

A Druids Tale
Nine hazel trees grew around a sacred pool, dropping nuts into the water to be eaten by some salmon which absorbed the wisdom. The number of bright spots on the salmon was said to indicate how many nuts they had eaten.

The Hazel in Celtic Folklore – Native Tree Society

We all may be familiar with catkins in the hedgerow ushering in spring, look a bit closer next time you see a Hazel tree, therein lies a little secret Gem, my favourite flower.

The catkins are male releasing pollen by the wind; The female flower lies hidden amongst the branches on the tip of an unassuming bud the flowers are tiny with red styles, so often completely missed by a passerby, I love natures subtle hidden places its where all the Magic still resides.

Good Luck



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